We've seen a robin as Robin before, but Tee Fury's latest shirt goes one better by donning both a bat and a bird in the Dynamic Duo's signature threads. Oh, did I mention it's also on sale for just $9? ($11 with the cheapest shipping)

Created by Tee Fury user PE, the shirt parodies DC's Batman and Robin with admirable cuteness on a charcoal gray backdrop. I want to say the design is printed on an American Apparel tee, but as a Tee Fury newcomer, I can't tell for sure. Also, the shirt and its price are apparently hot like a short stack of pancakes. Tee Fury, if those pancakes were so hot, shouldn't that butter be melting? Answer me!

Before I shill to hardcore, I should note that there's a limited time frame for the price. As of this posting, you've got just less than seven hours to score the tee at this price, so if you're into impulse buys, now is your chance. Just don't think too much about the pancake graphic butter not melting. It will trouble you the rest of your days.