Defenders of Freedom logoIf you've followed me from my previous digital home Illustrated Fiction, you may recall my post nearly a year ago about the Sci-Fi right wing comic, Liberality For All, featuring cyborg versions of right wing talking heads G. Gordon Liddy and Sean Hannity as cyborg superheroes. It took almost a year to do it, but with the help of some comics luminaries, the American Civil Liberties Union has released a "graphic novel" of its own. And you can read the stories for free on the Web too!

Defenders of Freedom, being distributed in print for free in various cities around the country, features stories by Matthew Manning and Mark Badger ("A Question of Obligation") and Jimmy Palmiotti and Rick Burchett ("Blue Collar") attacking racial profiling and the growing disregard for civil liberties in America, along with a single-page intro from ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero, both written and inked by Patty Scanlon. Too bad, there's no sign at the ACLU Web site of the covers by Peter Kuper and Art Spiegelman.

Sure sounds more like a pamphlet comic book to me. That said, the stories posted on the Web, while somewhat predictable, are very easy on the eyes with standout work from Burchett and Badger (he doesn't work near enough in comics to suit me).