What's cooler than a Revolutionary War-based Captain America that's suddenly jettisoned into the 1800s to fight alongside a group of similarly time-displaced superheroes? Not much, obviously, except for a series of action figures based on these characters.

Thankfully, Sillof has graced the world with this line of customized Victorian Avengers action figures, which reimagines several key members of the classic Avengers lineup as though they were first formulated in the Victorian age. Beyond simply crafting these awesome figures, Sillof also provides some significant backstory on Man of Iron, Thor and the aforementioned Captain America.

"The patient Olsen, Lars, age 42, claims to [be] the incarnation of the Scandinavian god [of] thunder, Thor," Sillof writes in a fictional medical analysis of the Victorian era Thor. Other similarly detailed stories follow Captain Stephen Rodgers and Anthony Edward Stark, sticking to the original origins of the Marvel Comics characters but giving them a unique 19th century twist.

Other members of the group - including a Jekyll & Hyde inspired Hulk and a steampunk Vision - also exist, but lack the detailed backstory of the Avengers' core trio. Why so secretive Hulk and Vision?

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