Much has been made of the various super teams assembling at the Big Two of late, but one of Dark Horse's most prominent groups is in full-on recruitment mode. If you've got what it takes (a name and an E-mail address), you could join The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

For those among you hesitant to do battle with frogs, don't fret, signing up for Dark Horse's new B.P.R.D. is benefit rather than hazard based. Recruits will have exclusive first looks at upcoming Hellboy and B.P.R.D. art, signing privileges to hop first in line at HB and B.P.R.D. signings at SDCC, invites to attend special events and more. You won't even have to pass a physical!

To help rally enrollment, DH is hosting a Twitter contest beginning today that will award one participant a complete 11-volume run of "B.P.R.D" tpbs. It's the perfect opportunity to live vicariously through the team's surviving members and there's no requirement to start fires with your mind.

For more info on joining the team and entering the Twitter contest you can head to DH's Web site or accomplish a feat of paranormal acclaim. Personally, I find the site easier, though.