There is absolutely nothing funny about the latest installment of Jeffrey Rowland's Overcompensating.

Are we really supposed to laugh at the misfortunes of a sentient minibus that just wanted to be a rock n' roll tour bus, but had to stray from his dreams due to drug-related incidents and ultimately become a shooting location for a series of web-based pornography videos?

Alright, I guess that is pretty funny. I never expected that the Bang Bus - and I'm not telling you what that is if you don't already know - would be the subject of a comic strip, but I'm pleasantly surprised that it happened eventually.

Still, it makes me think about all those childhood buses I rode on my way to and from school over the years. What happened to this big yellow vehicles? Did they ever make it in the bus world, like today's Overcompensating bus protagonist hoped to? Or are they still working the day job, tugging ungrateful twerps back and forth between bus stop and school?

Man. I guess I never realized how hard it can be to be a bus. Thanks for spoiling my mood, Overcompensating!