We post a lot of content over the course of the week at ComicsAlliance, and just in case you missed any of it, here's a catalog of the biggest and most interesting pieces from the last seven days. Check 'em out!

Marvel & DC

-- DC Officially Closes WildStorm and Zuda Imprints

-- New "All-Star Superman" Animated Teaser Trailer Surfaces

-- Lord Death Man of "Bat-Manga" Gets Resurrected for "Batman Inc."

-- DC Entertainment To Relocate or Lay Off 80 Employees, Over 30% of Staff

-- "Iron Man 2" Alternative Opening Sequence Hits the Web

-- The Top 10 DC Comics Coming in December

-- The Top 10 Marvel Comics Coming in December

-- Why the Dramatically Different "Sandman" Coloring is Absolutely Necessary

Original Content

-- ComicsAlliance Announces the Monsters Project to Benefit the CBLDF

-- The 14 Best Title Cards for "Batman: The Animated Series"

-- ComicsAlliance Vs. The Atlantic Interview with Robert Kirkman

-- Ask Chris #26: Jimmy Olsen's Bowtie and the Best of Two-Face

-- CA interviews DC Executives Diane Nelson, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio

-- Generation WildStorm: Growing Up in Jim Lee's Universe

-- Why Video Game Censorship Matters to Stan Lee, the CBLDF & Comics

-- Free Jimmy Olsen & Chloe Sullivan Comic Knocks Our Socks Off

-- Why WildStorm, CMX & Zuda Got the Axe and What It Means for the New DC Comics

-- ComicsAlliance vs. the 156 New PokemonComics Culture

-- Hulk Cosplayer Goes on Car-Stomping Rampage in U.K.

-- Superman XXX Photos Hit the Web

-- The ComicsAlliance New York Comic-Con Panel is Coming!

-- Grant Morrison to Star in My Chemical Romance Music Video

-- "Arkham City' To Be 5 Times Bigger Than "Arkham Asylum"

-- Teri Hatcher to Play Lois Lane's Mom on "Smallville"

-- Peanuts 60th Anniversary Moleskine Notebooks

-- Fabulously Creepy Hoodies Make You Superman, Batman and Joker

-- Daniel Croiser's Wood-Burning Superhero Art