Considering all the pop culture/TV talk over the past week -- guilty as charged -- in this space, thought I'd break the pattern with an unabashed fanboy tribute to Chris Weston, one of the industry's better mainstream cartoonists whose daily blog from the UK has become a fave of mine.

It's all about the eye candy folks, meaning scans of meticulously detailed artwork like the one below of the Silver Age Doom Patrol, channeling the late Bruno Premiani, for a commission piece.

So, you can bet I'm excited about Weston's upcoming Marvel miniseries with J. Michael Straczynski, The Twelve, featuring a dozen obscure characters plucked from the Golden Age era who wake up after a 60-year siesta, and the culture shock that follows.

Although Weston's professional career is top-heavy with superfolks, his collaboration with Warren Ellis on Ministry of Space -- a sci-fi fable about the British Empire "winning" the space race -- is, arguably, one of the best graphic novels of the 21st century....

A little known fact about Weston: He'll be celebrating his 20th year as a cartoonist next year, and he's not even close to 40 yet!

Comic art from The DoomPatrol