For three weeks in December, ComicsAlliance ran a series of interviews and analysis on digital comics that we called Digital December. In short, we wanted to take stock of the progress and relationship between digital comics and the comics industry at the end of the year and try to predict where the industry is headed. We interviewed seven publishers, one well-known creator, the head of a comics retailing organization, and examined their responses over the course of a couple of analysis pieces. After the jump, we've got a series of links in case you missed out on the fun.Digital December: Dark Horse Comics on THE FUTURE: Dark Horse Online Marketing Manager Matt Parkinson talks to us about Dark Horse's digital plans and the impending launch of their proprietary store.

Digital December: IDW Publishing on Digital Comics: Jeff Webber, IDW Publishing's Director of ePublishing, sheds a little light on IDW's digital comics sales.

Digital December: Boom! Studios on the 'Pollyanna-ish' Overhype of Digital Comics: I spoke to Chip Mosher, Marketing Director at Boom! Studios, about how he feels digital comics have been misrepresented in the press.

Digital December: DC Comics and the Future of Digital: Hank Kanalz, Senior Vice President, Digital for DC Entertainment, breaks down DC's plans for day and date digital comics and sums up their brief history pumping them out.

Digital December: Mark Waid Goes Deep on Digital and the Future of Comics: ComicsAlliance Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson interviews newly freelance comics writing legend Mark Waid about digital comics and his plans for the future.

Digital December: Marvel Comics on the 'New Newsstand' and the Marvel Vault: Marvel's digital comics vault seems like one of those ideas that will make digital comics flop hard, so we went to the source and asked David Gabriel, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Ira Rubenstein, Executive Vice President, Global Digital Media Group about it.

Digital December: Do You Really Own Your Digital Comics?: "Do consumers get to own their digital comics?" is an inexplicably sticky question, and I take a look at how the publishers we've interviewed thus far respond to it.

Digital December: Fantagraphics and Getting On The Digital Train: Fantagraphics doesn't have a digital comics app yet, but there's one in the works. Eric Reynolds, Associate Publisher at Fantagraphics, talks to us about where they're going and what he's been considering.

Digital December: 7 Things YOU Want to See in Digital Comics: Part of Digital December is seeing where digital comics stand, and that includes checking to see what the average consumer wants. That means YOU, and thanks to the magic of Twitter, we did just that.

Digital December: Archie Comics and The Appeal of $0.99: Archie has carved out their own beachhead in the digital comics field, with an attractive price point and deep library. Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater tells us a little of the rationale behind their plans.

Digital December: The Retail Perspective with ComicsPRO's Amanda Emmert: We speak with ComicsPRO Executive Director Amanda Emmert about the relationship between digital comics and bricks and mortar retail shops.