I love me some Star Wars. From the original trilogy to Dark Empire to the Thrawn Trilogy (the best I tell ya, the best). That love was not even challenged with Episode I-III, it only grew stronger because no matter what happened on the silver screen the world of Star Wars was fleshed out even more with more characters and stories. Dark Horse is the dealer to my feeming for Star Wars with their line of comics that span everything before, after and during the movies.

I've recently re-connected with the Dark Horse Star Wars comics, and with their 30th Anniversary volumes this is a great time for you to do the same. Journey with me as I take a look at three of the latest Star Wars comics from Dark Horse, it's time to give into the Dark Side of the Horse.

Star Wars: Rebellion #9 coverStar Wars: Rebellion #9
Billed as the 'hottest issue yet' in the Rebellion line of comics, issue 9 finds the Rebel spy turned errand boy Wyl Tarson and his hastily assembled team on Ahakista. See, Wyl was discovered as a spy by the crime lord Raze who proceeded to do what crime lords do ... plant a bomb in Wyl's head and send him on a suicide mission. Wyl, knowing he can't risk active Rebel agents, assembles a team of castoffs none will miss. Team assembled, planet reached and now Wyl and his team wait underground for some good ol' fashioned Star Wars shield deactivation. Above ground the Empire, Darth Vader included, are tearing the snot out of the local populace and its local militia. Throw in a guide who's a former Jedi, another lightsaber wielding non-Jedi, some force use that grabs Vader's attention and viola, great book is had.

I love reading side stories like this where even if all the characters buy the farm it's still great to see what the rest of the universe was doing while Vader was running rampant. Issue 9 continues the Rebellion story with well to do art, but it's best features, a three-way Jedi throw down in issue 10. If you can pick up the earlier issues it's great to get the full background on Rebellion, but the opening page does an admirable job of outlining the story thus far, and when Vader's involved, hell it don't get much better than that.

Star Wars: Legacy #15--Claws of the Dragon pt. 2 coverStar Wars: Legacy #15--Claws of the Dragon pt. 2
Set in the future of the Star Wars universe, Legacy, Claws of the Dragon gives insight into what happens after the rebellion, after Luke and Mara Jade and their kids, and so on. Darth Krayt has captured Cade Skywalker as Skywalker posses a unique power in the force, that to heal, even raise the dead. Darth Krayt needs this power, needs to bend Skywalker to the dark side to complete his own quest for the restoration of his powers. That is the story of Legacy 15 in a nutshell, a tiny, tiny nutshell, but it works.

See, I'm kinda lost on what Darth Krayt's story is. I know how he came to power, but based on this issue I still don't' know what power he's trying to restore, how he as more than one Sith apprentice and his role as Emperor. If this story had anyone but Skywalker in it I might have lost interested, but it does and I have not. Unlike Rebellion, Legacy needs more understanding of past events for the reader to truly enjoy what's going on. I am captivated by the direction of the story, and would love to learn more about both Krayt and Cade, so hopefully I'll be rewarded soon, very, very soon. I recommend picking up a few volumes of Legacy before 15. It will make the overall enjoyment much more ... enjoyable for those, like me, looking to expand their understanding of the future of Star Wars. Oh, and you get to learn who Darth Krayt really is, neat!

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary vol. 6 - Endgame HC coverStar Wars: 30th Anniversary vol. 6 - Endgame HC
Ah, the classy comic you can keep on your coffee table, bookshelf, bathroom ... it just looks good no matter where it is. I mentioned above that you can, can not catch up on the stories by picking up past volumes. Not an issue with this sweet collection Dark Horse is putting out for Star Wars 30th Anniversary. Hard cover, great binding and a collection of stories sure to satisfy, in this case anyone wondering what happened to the Jedi when order 66 was handed down. Not everyone died right away, some lived, and some were hunted down later as relayed in the Endgame Hard Cover.

Four stories, two minutes to two months after the Jedi elimination began. See Quinlan Vos fight to stay alive to see his loved ones again, Kai Huddora as he sees the end of his Jedi days, Dass Jennir as he leads old enemies against a common foe and the story of a young Vader who is almost destroyed while seeking out Kenobi. This a great book since it brings together so many stories in one space and fleshes out what was going on outside the movies. The art varies, but it's the stories that drive this book. Highly recommended for any true Star Wars collector, and if you're friends with one get him (or her) to buy so you can read ;