The Defenders of StanMy husband often comes home from work with strange things that he has magically found on the Internet. This is one of those things and it is amazing.

"The Defenders of Stan" is an Internet show that can be found on It is about a guy named Stan who is the last member of humanity. Everyone else has been turned into a Super Hero and Stan is really bitter about it.

His bitterness is not helped by the fact that is older brother is Captain Ultra, the most powerful of all the Super Heroes and a massive jerk-face. He is not the kind of brother anyone would want to deal with, as he does everything that he can to undermine Stan.

The whole show is about Stan trying to deal with the fact that he doesn't have powers, but everyone else does. But that is not why it is hilarious. It is the best because it incorporates so many comic teases, from Stan being bitten by radioactive spiders to try to gain powers, to a tribunal based entirely off Superman the Movie. The whole show is tongue in cheek, but not in a manner that is pompous and irritating. It is actually really fun and worth the time to watch it. But not at work. There is a lot of swearing.