For reasons that are self-evident, the Batmobile is the greatest vehicle in the history of man moving himself from one place to another because he was too lazy to walk. For comics readers, the Batmobile is a grand and imposing extension of the Batman's fierce and intimidating idiom. For auto aficionados, the Batmobile is the ultimate concept car of the future; something that can only be imagined by talented artists and put to practice only with the help of film trickery. It simply doesn't get better than the Batmobile, and it is with some degree of shame that we concede this highly bloggable victory to the gearheads at AutoBlog, who've created an insanely comprehensive guide to pretty much every Batmobile in history.

Starting from Batman's original red convertible in 1941 and including all the variations seen in film and television, the Evolution of the Batmobile infographic is as awesome as the car itself. The Photoshopping alone must have taken ages, and forget about the research -- oof.

We were pleased to see our favorites -- the 1989 "Burtonmobile" and the Batmobile seen in Batman: The Animated Series -- take up a lot of space on the chart. Want to see your favorites? Head over to AutoBlog and check them out.