ReutersThe Petronas Towers, known as of Malaysia's most iconic skyscrapers, have been thoroughly surmounted by a 47-year-old French urban climber with two really strong hands and a penchant for Marvel's web-slinging son.

Alain Robert (pictured here on a different climbing adventure dressed as his namesake) earned the name "Spider-Man" not only by dressing like the web-sling, but by personally scaling the Sears Tower, the Empire State Building and dozens of other really, really tall things across the globe.

He had been waiting for years to illegally scale the 88-story landmark, after having his first two attempts thwarted by security, but this time around he managed to make it all the way to the top of tower two before being arrested by Malaysian authorities this morning.

While no Malaysian equivalent of J. Jonah Jameson has defamed the legendary climber, he does share Peter Parker's penchant for being misunderstood by the law. If things go sour, he could face up to six months in jail and an $850 fine.

If I were him, I'd just blame the chameleon, or maybe that other high-altitude French performer, Philippe Petit.

Watch the climb unfold after the jump....

If only he were good at punching costumed villains too.