Man, I thought the German Obama musical was crazy, but they've got nothing on "The Legend of Koizumi," an anime series based on a manga about former Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi as some kind of action hero/mahjong master who must defend Japan by competing with world leaders in the popular Chinese tile game. So what can you look forward to in the six-minute video after the jump?

George W. Bush riding a Segway around and cackling like an idiot!

North Korean dictator/lunatic Kim Jong-Il and his son, shown eating bear paws(?) while wearing a Mickey Mouse hat!

Koizumi playing a Mahjong match for the fate of the country despite bleeding profusely from numerous gunshot wounds to the chest and stomach, and while I have no idea what's happening in the game because I don't know how to play Mahjong, it is incredibly dramatic, but apparently Koizumi is so awesome at it that his eyes start glowing red.

Oh, and then Kim Jong Il naturally plays dirty and fires a nuke at Japan anyway. Leaving Koizumi no choice but to destroy the missile by hopping in a nearby jet plane and shooting it down personally.

Someone please, please do something like this for Obama -- perhaps, as Topless Robot suggested, "Barack the Barbarian"?

(Via Topless Robot)