Thor @1 coverWere you mystified as I was about the so-called Mighty Thor returning from the dead -- I smell another Marvel Studios feature film in pre-preproduction -- in Oklahoma?

Seems Babylon 5 scribe J. Michael Straczynski, who wrote the Marvel flagship Amazing Spider-Man for some seven years, has hatched a plan to relaunch the Norse God nee superhero and rebuild his celestial home Asgard in the Sooner State too, according to yesterday's The Oklahoman.

In fact, a mysterious Oklahoma artifact -- the Heavener Runestone that some believe was carved by ancient Vikings -- may play a unique role down the road in shaping Thor's new place in the modern world, Straczynski says.

Until that day comes, we'll have to wait, wonder and worry how Thor and his born-again Silver Age alter-ego Dr. Donald Blake will blend into rural Oklahoma. Considering Straczynski's largely successful Spidey track record, however, I feel confident we won't find Thor's Asgardian girlfriend Sif -- a victim of Ragnarok-induced amnesia -- waiting on tables at a truck stop...