Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen ChroniclesI have been a fan of Smallville since the first episode in 2001. I stayed with it through the low points (Kryptonite freak of the week) and the high points (the episode Justice). I admit it, I even bought the soundtrack CD and all the DVDs when they came out. OK, maybe I have an obsession with the show instead of just being a fan. I'll let you decide.

I don't know how I missed this earlier but I see that WB, The CW and Sprint have teamed up to bring us Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles. This is a 6 part animated series that will be available exclusively on cell phones with Sprint TV. Each episode will focus on pivotal points in Oliver Queen's life to show us how he became the man that he is today.

The first episode was available January 18 so the series is almost done. For those of us that don't have Sprint I hope they will be made available on DVD or for download on another site later. Do I have to beg? I will. It isn't pretty, but I will.

I will be at the New York Comic Con this weekend, so if you have Sprint, do us both a favor and hide the phone. I'd really hate for security to escort me out because I had to tackle you to get your phone. Now that you know a little about the depths of my obsession with this show, is it wrong to consider getting a Sprint phone just to watch these videos? How far is too far? Is there such a thing as too far?