When DC Comics revealed that September's "Red Tornado" #1 by Kevin VanHook, Jose Luis and J.P. Mayer would introduce the android to a robot family he never knew he had, the publisher's other artificial family the Metal Men probably felt pretty threatened - especially when the first of the bunch turned out to be a lady bot by the name of Red Torpedo.

Now DC's The Source blog has unveiled another automated amigo for 'Reddy - the Red Volcano (which I took some coloring liberties on to render that cherry red hue inventor T.O. Morrow seems so fond of).

Red Volcano looks like a meaner, buffer, scowlier Red Tornado and since he's not wearing a cape, he's probably a bad dude. Another hint that he's unpleasant comes from the fact that he's kind of murdering guards of some kind in Luis' giant splash page.

With the Red family expanding, it should be interesting to see what new robots show up next. My vote is for Red Tuxedo - the robotic formal wear with the power to ruin the prom by being tacky. Steal this pitch VanHook!