A few years back the concept of a Web camera as a peripheral device was commonplace. Now that they're essentially a standard feature in laptops, smartphones and astromechs, it's going to take a lot of novelty or a bundle of special features - like 3-D, hyper HD, crazy nonsense features - to convince me a separate device is a killer idea.

That's why the new Spider-Man Web Cam, which will retail for $29, is a stretch. Tech specs are currently unavailable (although it will reportedly work on both Mac and PC), but its design seems too generic. A traditional "camera body" with film could apply to a number of novelties, and its inclusion of Spider-Man seems more like an afterthought than an intention - We get it, Peter Parker took pictures of himself as Spider-Man!

Now maybe it's just me, but if I'm shelling out for a redundant device, I want something that smacks everyone who sees it over the head with Spider-Man awesomeness. Give me a giant, obnoxious Spidery-head with nonsensical light-up eyes for my Web Cam closeup - or better yet, make the device transform like Japanese Spider-Man's Leopardon robot.

[Via ChipChicklets]