Chris Evans and Chris Pratt have made a bet on the outcome of this weekend's Super Bowl that will see one of them show up at the other's choice of children's hospital or hospice in their Marvel superhero costume brandishing their rival's team colors. Either Captain America will carry the flag of Pratt's Seattle Seahawks, or Star-Lord will don the jersey of Evans's New England Patriots. We couldn't let this titanic tussle between two of Marvel's super-Chrisses pass by without a contest of our own, so we're pitting the worlds of Star-Lord and Captain America head-to-head in a series of polls that we call... the Superpoll.

The other polls have now closed, so it all comes down to this final face-off, and one big question. Who is the better Chris? Which one would you watch the Super Bowl with? Is it goofy dinosaur-chasing space-faring man-child Chris Pratt, whose infectious sense of humor is now matched by an unexpected sidestep into hunkdom? Or is it Dorito-shouldered marble-skinned adonis Chris Evans, who transcended fratboy roles to become an irresistible all-American boy-next-door? Pratt. Or Evans. Only you (collectively) can decide.

Tallying up the results of the previous polls gives Evans a two-point lead with the following victories: Captain America beat Star-Lord; The Avengers beat the Guardians of the Galaxy; Red Skull beat Ronan the Accuser; Robert Redford beat Glenn Close; Black Widow beat Drax; Hulk beat Gamora; Hawkeye somehow beat a troll doll; The Losers beat Wanted; and The Nanny Diaries beat Bride Wars.

In Pratt's column, Hooked On A Feeling beat the Star-Spangled Banner, Kitty Pryde beat Peggy Carter, the 1980s beat the 1940s, Rocket Raccoon beat Thor, Groot beat Iron Man, Andy Dwyer beat Johnny Storm, and by the thinnest margin in the contest -- 50.62% to 49.38% -- The Lego Movie beat Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The score stands at nine points to Evans, seven points to Pratt.

There is only one question in this Superpoll Final, and it's arbitrarily worth three points, so there's everything to play for. The winner of this poll will, of course, decide the outcome of the Super Bowl, because destiny is decided by polls on websites.



Once you've voted, you can still make a donation to the Seattle Children's Hospital (Pratt's choice) or Christopher's Haven (Evans' choice).

This poll closes Sunday, February 1, at 6:30 PM, just as Super Bowl XLIX kicks off. By that point it will be too late to change the outcome. The people's voices will be heard, and either the Patriots and Chris Evans or the Seahawks and Chris Pratt will reign triumphant.