Whether you're a longtime fan of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's The Walking Dead comic book series or a more casual fan of general zombie fare, when it comes to AMC's TWD TV series, chances are you have... opinions. Having just wrapped its second season, the super dramatic series about a band of kinda crazy people doing their best to survive an even CRAZIER world full of zombies is more popular than ever. There's a price to pay for tuning into something so completely bonkers on a regular basis, though. At some point fans have to deal with weird story logic, annoying characters and genre tropes the only way they can: By adorning funny stills with text and sharing the finished product on social media. The Laughing Dead has taken it upon itself to aggregate some of the funniest fan commentary we've seen so far on Tumblr. It's a very spoilery romp through the show's two seasons that fans will want to see. Take a look at some SFW picks after the jump.

[Via The Laughing Dead/io9]