I was sick on Sunday, so I slept on and off throughout the day and night and missed the entire Super Bowl. I know, I know, I'm lame and all that. I'm not the world's biggest football fan but I do love the Super Bowl commercials, so I'm bummed that I missed out on this year's advertisements.

Having said that, I am just about positive that this little gem did not make the cut for Super Bowl commercials this year, despite what the fine folks at Comic Book Movie would have you believe.

Your eyes do not deceive you - this is a fan-made trailer for a false movie called "DC/Marvel: Worlds Collide," a project that mashes up live-action Marvel superheroes with titans from the DC Universe. By titans, I don't mean Teen Titans of even The Titans. I mean the characters from "Smallville" and "The Dark Knight," since that's just about all that DC has to offer in the live-action world at the moment.

The video is pretty hilarious, especially when Wolverine gives a totally unprompted middle finger to the camera. Slick editing. But I'm just saying that if this was a Super Bowl commercial, I'm glad I slept through it, because I would not be able to handle the reality of "Worlds Collide." Somebody please come on here and ease my mind.

Check out the vid after the jump.