Artist Thomas Perkins has worked all over the place professionally, contributing to TV projects ranging from Without a Trace and Dexter to Heroes. He's got one heck of a mad scientist's art lab, though, full of concept work, tokosatsu madness and superhero tribute pieces. Take, for example, his cow Captain America and Yeti Thor.Perkins has a deviantART account and a Blogspot feed, and both are filled with more details and gorgeous monster action. And if you haven't already seen his Ultra the Multi-Alien Fifty-Too cover, it's in there as well.

He really knows how to make an old character look fresh, and he's got examples The Flash, Mimic and even O.M.A.C. strew about in his portfolio. Perkins' make-believe covers and cartoon-ready designs show a lot of Jack Kirby influence while sticking with simple, post-Batman: The Animated Series-style ideas.

Get familiar with a few of the highlights we fell in love with in his galleries below.