We here at ComicsAlliance are pretty big fans of Threadless, the online t-shirt shop that helps us stick to our "no comic book shirts at cons" rule, and lately, it's become pretty clear that they're pretty big fans of comics, too. Mostly because they're straight-up telling us so:

"Threadless Loves Comics" isn't just a statement of affection for sequential art, though. It's a contest for designers to create comic-inspired shirts, with the winning design featured in an upcoming issue of one of the best titles on the stands, John Layman and Rob Guillory's "Chew."An appearance in "Chew" isn't the only thing up for grabs, though. Details are at the site, but other prizes include "Chew" paperbacks, $2,000 in cash, an iPad, original art and more, so artists, break out the pens and get to sketching the comic-themed shirt you've always wanted.

Submissions are open 'til August 12, but as of right now, there are over forty entries and counting, and there are a few great entries already up. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

There are more going up all the time, so head over,check 'em out, and cast your vote for the one you want to see in "Chew"... or in your closet.