Mattel's been pretty generous with unveiling new images of Mattel's Green Lantern movie toys, but most of the products we've seen so far have been observed from the safety of glass cases on convention floors -- we want to see the things in action. Time To Play magazine is scratching that itch with gusto on its official YouTube channel, where EIC Jim Silver takes viewers through an emerald tour of action figures plus a few GL roleplaying toys.Time To Play's haul includes a look at "Scorpion Assault" Tomar-Re and "Battle Fist" Hal Jordan from the Battle Shifters line, along with an assortment of basic figures. There's also a demo of the Green Lantern mask and power ring kit (sans lantern) and the notorious Colossal Cannon. Turns out the Colossal Cannon shoots disks instead of foam balls, which is kind of disappointing since some fans were likely seeking a spiritual successor to the NERF Ballzooka.

It's worth noting that the videos are intended to reach a target audience of parents with young children and not necessarily the snarky comics blogosphere. Silver keeps poise and positivity where I might otherwise dump the products into the rattlesnake-filled ball pit of an abandoned Carl's Jr. before cuing up a cassette tape of House of Pain's "Jump Around" and doing a sick cannonball into the plastic realm of wonder.

See the product demos from Time to Play below: