Illustrator Tin Salamunic scratches out some Hulked-up artwork, whether he's working on magazine stories, Metroid sketches or commercial campaign pieces. He also makes comics, though, and it looks like you should be seeing his work soon in a Scholastic book titled "Assassinations: Our Murdered Presidents." His portfolio ranges from big mean gorillas that look like they could have been drawn by Ladrönn to some more subtle, but no less inspired attempts at capturing Marvel's big green guy and a Street Fighter brawl.

Skeletor riding low in his car and flashing some bling wins our salute for the best thing in existence today off of his website That's not to say that his vehicle battle between Darth Maul and Chewbacca or He-Man portrait are anything to scoff at, but his Skeletor really encapsulates his comic sense of macabre that feels a little like Guy Davis with a twist of Gabriel Bá. His range is undeniable though, and the quick set of highlights below should make that more than apparent.