Tokyopop has announced that starting today, manga readers could kick it serialized style with 'Psy-Comm,' vol. 3 at the publisher's Web site, which means weekly comic book installments on the free.

Several other titles will soon follow this exclusive, online-only format in an effort to bring more manga to more readers without the risk of failing in the direct market.

"The Kindle, iPhone, webcomics, and the like have dramatically changed the marketplace for online comics," said Tokyopop's Associate Publisher Marco Pavia in an official press release, "With the launch of this online initiative, our goal is to increase visibility and demand for such critically acclaimed series as 'Psy-Comm,' 'Boys of Summer' and others that have, up until now, struggled to find their audience in a challenging retail environment. We are also exploring an on-demand model to satisfy print-edition demand for the online manga series. We'll have more news in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned."

Honestly, it's kind of refreshing to hear a publisher admit that technology is probably the answer to sating readers rather than price hikes, overcrowded bookstore shelves and cancellations. Of course, if these titles prove successful, it's possible a print option could arise as well.