This is going to be a fairly immense year for Top Shelf Productions. The venerable indie comics publisher has no fewer than 22 graphic novels and other releases slated for 2011, and you can tell that Marketing Coordinator Leigh Walton is really excited about them. So inspirational are the comics coming in 2011 -- new Owly, new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, new Incredible Change-bots and much, much more -- that Walton has taken the considerable trouble creating The Top Shelf Tribune, a clever and funny newspaper-style document that showcases the publisher's planned releases as fake news stories. Shrewd readers will glean many clues and teases for Top Shelf books in the Tribune, and you can see a little more of what we're talking about after the jump.The 2011 Top Shelf Tribune is available to read online at Top Shelf's website, downloadable as a PDF, and will also be made available to fans at conventions throughout the year.

Top Shelf's foreign reprints AX and Lucille are hyped cleverly in this fake news piece

In an industry brimming over with creativity and graphic talents, it's a shame that comic book fans still get their lists of upcoming releases in the form of, well, lists. Obviously, a straightforward Previews solicitation is helpful but the Top Shelf Tribune is a really fun supplement that reflects the spirit of the publisher.

The new volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is promoted with this fake poll

Head over to Top Shelf's website to check out the complete edition of 2011's Top Shelf Tribune.