What, did you really think the Toy Fair coverage was at an end? Guess again, bub. There's so much news pouring out of that event that I'm pretty certain we won't be able to wrap our heads around all of it, but there is one bit that I want to make sure doesn't go unnoticed - the upcoming Indie Spotlight figures from Shocker Toys.

While not quite up to Marvel Legends in terms of articulation, Shocker's Indie Spotlight toys certainly have the same level of detail down - at least the displayed prototypes do, anyway. Not only that, but the figures included in the upcoming waves are pretty exciting. Some of these are already known (The Tick, King Zombie, Jack Staff and others were previously announced) but others, like the Golden Age Daredevil and Black Terror from the Indie Spotlight Golden Age Series 1 line, are at least new to me.

Head on over to Toy News International for the full rundown on what Shocker has in store for toy collectors in the coming months.