Life is tough when you're doomed to perish the day you reach drinking age. Of course, that's not a huge issue for a civilization shaped by adolescent war and a distinct lack of hope. Written by Michael Geszel and Peter Spinetta with art by Inaki Miranda and colors by Eva de la Cruz, IDW and Soulcraft Comics' summer release "Tribes: The Dog Years" has been making the cyber rounds for a few months, and if you haven't spied the sci-fi adventure's widescreen storytelling yet, you're in for a treat after the jump."Tribes'" official press release gives some context to its luscious landscapes and widescreen action as illustrated by Miranda and de la Cruz.

In 2038, a NANO-VIRUS shortens the human lifespan to 21 years. Civilization collapses. 200 YEARS later the remnants of humanity survive amidst the junkyard ruins of the techno-industrial age. One day everything changes for Sundog of the Sky Shadows tribe. Is there new hope for longer life?

See select panels from "Tribes" below: