I don't know how I missed this news item, but last Thursday the "Director's Cut" of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Turtles Forever" full-length animated feature went live at 4KidsTV.com.

The original version aired back in November on 4Kids, but hadn't surfaced as a legal download or as a free streamable movie anywhere until this past week.

As a crossover story uniting the '80s, 2000's and, yes, even the original black-and-white Eastman and Laird Turtles together through multiversal means to vanquish a common Shredder, it's a thing of splendor to watch and re-watch. The extra 12+ minutes of footage and bonus material make it an even richer experience the second go-around (this coming from a guy approaching his fifth viewing).

TMNT fans from pretty much any end of the spectrum will likely dig it. Unless of course you were a huge fan of the Venus de Milo-fied live action television series "The Next Mutation," in which case there's not a whole lot anyone can do for you.