I was not allowed to decorate my room as a child. Whenever I asked, my mother would mutter something about the resale value of our home and walk away. She suspected, quite rightly, that left to my own design whims, I would cover my walls in paintings of dragons. The twin daughters of artist Mark Rodriguez, however, have very different tastes: one likes flowers and butterflies while the other loves Superman. Much like the mom who created an amazing Princess Batman Halloween costume, Rodriguez told them they didn't have to choose, and created a gorgeous dual-decorated bedroom to suit each girl's particular passions. See more photos of the his amazing decorating work below the cut.Rodriguez built many of the decorations from scratch, including the Superman insignia and ladybug lights. The "murals" on the walls are actually wooden cutouts -- yes those blades of grass aren't just painted on. It's incredible to see someone put so much work into bringing a smile to his daughters' faces. Plus, I've been dying to put a Godzilla mural on my wall, and those cutouts are giving me all sorts of ideas.

A closer shot of the Superman side of the room, revealing the Toy Story comforter (and Woody doll!). The space projection lamp is a nice touch. I hope that girl has lots of sweet dreams about flying through the stars with Supes.

The wall lamps all lit up. Rodriguez mentioned that he would love to produce more for sale, provided he could get the rights for the Superman lamp.

The little one posing in front of the mural-in-progress. The kitty holding the American flag is actually based on the daughter's stuffed cat. Seriously, Mr. Rodriguez, could you paint my dog fighting Godzilla? I could provide reference photos.

Via DC Women Kicking Ass