It's been about a decade since "Vampire Hunter D" romantically dismembered bloodsuckers in animated form, but in today's Twi-Hard culture, it seems like his dashing brand of death-dealing could be poised for a cinematic comeback.

Horror fanzine "Rue Morgue" reports that "D" creator and novelist Hideyuki Kikuchi is working on a new live action film along with a brand new VHD anime series.

While both projects are still in the planning stages, "Rue Morgue" points out that the anime is also being worked on by a video game producer associated with "Biohazard" ("Resident Evil" in the States). Anime Vice speculates the unnamed producer could be Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who also worked on "Devil May Cry," which could give traction to the news.

Given the franchise's rich history told through novels, anime, manga and video games, it doesn't seem likely that any live action film would be a direct adaptation of one storyline, but rather an interpretation of the aggregated mythos ala a North American super hero film. Then again, Japanese adaptations can often turn out remarkably faithful to their source material. With no information regarding a studio, release date or other details, fans will have to play the waiting game until more news develops on either the movie or anime front.

[Via Anime Vice]