Vertigo logoWhat may have been cast of dozens of Vertigo creators took to the Comic-Con stage Friday afternoon to present their works and interact with fans. Since I'm playing beat-the-clock, please consider what follows to be a highlights reel from yesterday's panel.

Wondering about the big Vertigo announcement that was teased at MoCCA? Those who bet against my suspicions as to the identity of the writer in question can now officially collect on their "I told you so's," as it was announced that none other than Matt Wagner is returning to Vertigo to write (but not draw) the first ten issues of Madame Xanadu, a new ongoing monthly. Artist Amy Hadley joins Wagner on the book which Wagner calls, "a centuries-spanning gothic romance concerning [Madame Xanadu's] relationship with the Phantom Stranger." Look for it on shelves in March.

The Vinyl Underground #1 coverThe Vinyl Underground is a new ongoing monthly due this Fall from writer Si Spencer and artists Simon Gane and Cameron Stewart. The title, which features occult detectives in London and, as the title implies, involves both British music and subcultures certainly sounds intriguing to this music and noir junkie.

We got a look at Jock's evocative cover art for the Jamie Delano-penned original graphic novel, Hellblazer: Pandemonium. Karen Berger, mistress of all things Vertigo, shared that the book finds Constantine in Iraq, having been buttonholed by representatives the British government, who knew he had a connection in the region. This being Constantine, it shouldn't come as too great a surprise that his connection is a demon. Berger says the "politically powerful story" is due in November.

House of Mystery is a new ongoing monthly from writers Matt Sturges and Fables scribe Bill Willingham. The title is not an anthology, but since it involves Cain's house being stolen and turned into a restaurant/bar where no money can change hands but where stories are accepted as payment for one's bar tab, expect a nicely varied range of tales to be told.

An artist has been announced for Peter Straub's serial killer graphic novel The Green Woman, and that artist should have loads of folks even more excited for this book: John Bolton. Not surprisingly, the project is going to be a couple years in the making, but with the announcement of Bolton's involvement, we can safely assume it's going to be gorgeous.

The Unknown Soldier, another new ongoing monthly from writer Josh Dysart takes place during the 2002 conflict in Uganda. Dysart, who just returned from a research trip to the region a few weeks ago says, "the first issue begins with a man receiving an award for being a pacifist and activist for peace, and ends with him killing a man." Sounds promising.

Dysart is a busy man at Vertigo, as he is also the writer for the new marquee project that Berger saved as the final announcement of the panel: A graphic novel adaptation of legendary musician Neil Young's Greendale concept album. Young loves Dysart's treatment and will be working closely with the writer on the project which Dysart says is "a blend of Vertigo, and my aesthetic and Neil Young's." Oh, and the coolest thing about this project? It was Neil Young who approached Vertigo, and not the other way around. Love that.