Come on, smarter-than-me USB drive maker peoples! A Voltron jump drive?! All I'm gonna want to do is play with this thing and have it fight the evil, mindless Stapler and Smartphone Robeasts inhabiting my desk! Not, ya know, actually use it to save files!

Alas, it appears as though the Defender of the Universe can now be the Defender of your Vacation Photos with this ridiculously cool Voltron USB drive. Coming our way from the imaginative folks at upstart company Incubot, the drive not only holds 2 GB of your digital stuff, but way more importantly, comes with a Blazing Sword! That way, it's a fair fight between Voltron and the recently released transforming Ravage USB drive. Live the super-robot crossover you've always dreamed of! Decide once and for all which USB drive reigns supreme! Make Pew-pew-pew sound effects!But that's not all that going on over at Incubot -- they've got all kinds of super-cool odds and ends for the robot aficionado. Go check 'em out, and good luck not cracking open your wallet.

[Via Kotaku]