So, Walletpop recently did a podcast about the world of comic book speculation with "Astonishing X-Men" artist Phil Jimenez, the VP of CGC, a buyer at the enormous NYC-based retail store Midtown Comics, and me!

Listen! To me being a huge wet blanket about the profitability and wisdom of investing your money in comics! Thrill! To me taking a dim view of the future of comics as purely collectible objects!

It's actually a video, where you won't see me because I called in by phone, and I don't really have much to say until about sixteen minutes in when we start talking about Obama comics and variant covers. I go back and forth with Jimenez about fans who ask for signatures and put comics on eBay later this evening, and why consumers drive so many megacrossovers.

My favorite quote: "[Speculating] does take the joy out of it, unless your joy is money."