This week on the War Rocket Ajax Podcast, it's our fantastic fourth episode with the first of our ComicsAlliance Roundtable discussions! CA editor Laura Hudson and Let's Be Friends Again artist Chris Haley sit in to talk about the DC Reboot and prepare themselves mentally for San Diego's Comic-Con International! And you can listen to the entire show right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax v.2, #4: Hard Times with the ComicsAlliance Roundtable

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

In this week's episode, Chris and Matt take some time to celebrate America, and by that, we of course mean "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. This leads, as all things do on War Rocket Ajax, to a lot of talk of Pro Wrestling, with Chris examining CM Punk's appearance on last week's Monday Night Raw and Matt checking in with a report on a CHIKARA show he attended over the weekend.

Plus, Matt talks about his hopes of landing a part in Visionary Filmmaker Zack Snyder™'s upcoming Superman movie, and the crew deals with a listener question about adult beverages, which leads to some truly harrowing possibilities.

During the roundtable, Laura discusses the possibilities of the DC Reboot:

I think the serial comics format is something that is kind of impenetrable if you've never seen it before. I think a lot of us have worked at comic shops. And if you've worked at a comic shop, you've had that new customer come in that's never encountered comics before. They don't understand how they come out every week, they don't understand how they can't get certain back issues. There's a learning curve for that format that's kind of difficult, so it's not just about making it available on an iPad. I mean, that's great, it's great to have it available to as many people as we can possibly expose comics to, but that's not going to get over the hurdles of format, it's not going to get over the hurdles of storytelling either. And the really, really uninclusive storytelling that doesn't always reach out to new readers. I think that those are perennial problems, and I don't know that changing the numbers on a book is necessarily going to change that.

Laura also tells us about the most stressful time of the year:

There was someone on Twitter who tweeted at me about how ComicCon is the best time of the year, and clearly that's the perspective of someone who's never had to work ComicCon.

And Chris Haley regales us with his experiences of... The Pact:

I got the Captain America tri-colored Coolatta. Just... monstrous drink thing. It has, like, a tri-chambered cup and each one has a different flavor of Coolatta in it. Which, Coolatta, if you don't know, is kind of like a Slurpee or an Icee, but worse. One part was red, one part was white, one part was blue, and there's no way to drink them all at the same time other than to put three different straws in it. Which I did.

And finally, Matt gives us all some good advice for Summertime Snacking:

"On today, July the 4th, do not choose Nazis, people."

Show Notes:

Watch out! There's a minor spoiler below for Batman Inc. #7 if you haven't read it!

For more information on Dusty Rhodes, the Son of a Plumber, visit your local library. Or watch this every day, like we do.

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Comics Reviewed: Chris fails his saving throw against picking up IDW's Dungeons & Dragons v.1 (reviewed in full here), Matt enjoys Avengers: Children's Crusade, and War Rocket Ajax declares its first-ever Panel of the Year of the Week, from Batman Inc. #7:

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