Depending on who you want to believe -- Box Office Mojo or the Los Angeles Times -- and how studios and the media calculate box office gold, Michael Bay's Transformers topped or nearly topped the record for an opening week for a nonsequel film, set five years ago by Spider-Man.

A half-dozen films have enjoyed higher first-week grosses than Transformers, but all of them (the most recent being Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in 2006) were sequels. In the long run, however, movie genies predict Transformers won't do as well as Spider-Man 3 or Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, but will certainly do well enough to merit its own sequel.

Knowing so many of comics fans in the metro Austin area would be "getting their geek on" over the week-long July 4 holiday watching Optimus Prime, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema staged one of their niftiest promotions ever: An honest-to-God appearance of a real-life Robosaurus crushing cars, breathing fire and generally being monstrous (in a stiff sorta way) in the parking lot of the Alamo's south Austin theatre.

Hit the link to watch all FOUR YouTube videos, or enjoy the best of the lot below, complete with the Transformers theme song.