Whether a "Watchmen" sequel ever comes to pass is irrelevant - the brand is sure to continue on. It doesn't matter whether or not the film bombed at the box office, it nonetheless catapulted Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan and the others into mainstream status. So it should come as no surprise whatsoever that HeroClix plans on getting in on the action, squid or no squid.

Based on the film's characters and designs, HeroClix is developing the Watchmen HeroClix Collector's Boxed Set and Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure. The Collector's Set includes 25 miniatures including Manhattan himself, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre and the Comedian, among others.

"WizKids is very excited to add Watchmen to the HeroClix platform," said WizKids/NECA president Lax Chandra in a press release. "Watchmen is a groundbreaking movie which redefines the way costumed vigilantes are portrayed on the big screen. With 25 unique sculpts in the Collector's Boxed Set, plus the colossal Dr. Manhattan figure, we've got a comprehensive offering that will satisfy both avid gamers and Watchmen movie fans."

The aforementioned Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure is over 14 inches tall and is said to be "movie accurate." Something tells me that they'll leave a certain five inch detail out of the finished product, though.