Spider-Man's had many team suitors (so-to-speak) over the years, getting invites from everyone from the New Warriors to the Avengers. While he's settled on Avenging of late, there's one team that's never really come calling: The X-Men. Of course, times are different now - or could be - depending on how you interpret Marvel's latest "We are the X-Men" teaser image.

Marvel has plans to flesh out what this image means at next weekend's C2E2 in Chicago during its X-Men panel, but the speculation fire that burns within keeps me from believing this is anything more than a tease. Psylocke and Spidey popping through seemingly Jim Lee era artwork means this could be a miniseries, a crossover, a hoax, a dream or an imaginary tale. Not that those scenarios would keep it from being fun, I just don't think Wolverine would put up with any competition to star in the most team books.

Maybe joining the team wouldn't be so wacky, though. The '94 Spider-Man Animated Series had Peter Parker recognizing himself and his power set as "mutant" when he crossed over with the X-Men. Perhaps the team's going to start loosening their membership qualification now that they're such an endangered species? Spidey's costume has room for a Namor-style X-Men belt buckle.

Whether or not Spidey literally joins Scott Summer's gritty team of Utopians remains to be seen, but we'll keep you posted as the book's July release approaches.