Here's the thing about Boulet: As amazing as that guy's comics are, and stories like "The Long Journey" and "Darkness," the most incredible thing about them is how suddenly they appear. You're just minding your own business one day and then boom, there's a new forty-page Boulet masterpiece out there, and whatever you thought you were going to do that day becomes "read this new Boulet comic and then probably also all the others that I've already read." They're that good.

And that, my friends, is exactly what happened this week when the French cartoonist dropped "Kingdom Lost," a story that starts out with classic high fantasy and turns into something completely different.

While it doesn't quite have the scope of "The Long Journey" or the comedy of "Darkness," "Kingdom Lost" is still a pretty phenomenal piece of comics. I mean, of course it is. That dude is a master craftsman, and virtually everything he does has the incredible art and pacing that you've come to expect. This time, he's dealing with themes of fantasy (as in escapism, not just swords and spells), romance and relationships gone bad.

Either way, it makes for a pretty great read to kick off your weekend.