In the wake of Marvel Comics' acquisition of Marvelman (better known as Miracleman to American readers), the greater fan discussion has been principally rooted in issues such as the legal and commercial impact the character could have on comics' current landscape. Basically, a lot of fans want to make sure one of their favorite characters doesn't suck just because the property has been tied up in a courtroom for so long.

Sadly, an issue of even nerdier importance has gone unnoticed by most - what will Marvel do if they decided to keep Marvelman's former Miracleman moniker? After all - they've had their own "Miracle Man" on staff for decades.

Meet the affable Miracle Man, the guy who pops up on Wikipedia during botched Web searches for that other dude without a space in his name. He's a villain, and not a very good one either, having been beaten up by the Fantastic Four a bunch of times, losing his powers and eventually dying at the hands of another villain.

Interestingly, though, this D-lister was recently resurrected by crime lord The Hood to help take down The Punisher. The timing of this resurrection definitely doesn't coincide with Marvel's Marvelman announcement, but it should help to give the dope awesome new levels of undeserved attention.

So read up on this cat and spin Elvis Costello's "Miracle Man" jam and celebrate your participation in a community where a space can mean the difference between epitomizing a modern classic and getting punched in the face by the Thing.