Christmas tree ornaments are part toy, part statue and part decoration, but ultimately they're in a class all their own - especially when created in the likeness of comic book characters.

Walyou's list of the "Coolest Comic Book Inspired Christmas Ornaments" features many of comics' most popular heroes portrayed in decoration form, including multiple Spider-Man, Batman, Hulk and Superman ornaments.

What impressed me most about the list, however, was its recommendation to build your own ornaments from action figures, statues and other toys to fill the void left by unproduced official merchandise. After all, it only takes a hook and some string to hang an item of the proper weight and proportion.

Even though the list is just a modern attempt to scratch the surface of official ornamentation, I was personally pretty surprised to see just how many of entries hung on my own tree.

Check out the full list and share your favorite comic book-inspired holiday decor in the comments.