Ever since ComicsAlliance was nominated for the Eisner Award this year, I've been spending my free time looking into getting a WWE-style championship belt made up to commemorate the occasion. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the Eisner trophy at all, but a trophy, no matter how nice or prestigious, will satisfy neither my ego nor my desire to throw a gigantic golden belt over my shoulder and cut a Rock-style promo on rival comics journalists. In any case, it was while browsing through the Top Rope Belts website that I ran across the perfect fusion of comic books and wrestling championships: The Superman Title Belt:

The website doesn't have much information on the belt other than that it's one of their many custom jobs, but if the blue, red and gold coloring (complete with red leather on the reverse) and the slightly modified S-Shield in the center weren't enough clues that this belt's an attempt to turn the Man of Steel into the Belt of Gold, check out the "Superman" #1-inspired side plates:

Top Rope has a full gallery of pictures of the Superman belt, and while there's not a price listed, a look at their site gives me the idea that this one set its owner back somewhere around $1500, plus shipping.