Hellboy: Darkness Calls #1 coverFor the growing number of you who "wait for the trades" rather than collect single issues -- one Comic-Con San Diego panelist argued buying the latter was cheaper than the former -- and you're a fan of Hellboy, you may be surprised, or not, to learn Duncan Fegredo -- the awesome cartoonist of a pair of my fav classic DC/Vertigo books Enigma and Kid Eternity -- will be pinch-hitting on the art chores, not only on the current Darkness Calls mini, but the two that follow.

No wonder, considering Mignola is a bit busy right now working on Hellboy 2: The Golden Army over in Romania with Guillermo del Toro, according to this interesting interview via Playback: STL.

"With Hellboy it was much trickier, because I did need somebody who could draw Hellboy... I mean, Hellboy is such a product of my style, I needed a guy who worked in at least a similar kind of style, so that Hellboy would still look like Hellboy," says Mignola. "And Duncan is just great at it. I want a guy who can draw, and in the case of Hellboy at least, uses blacks and when he does buildings, that they're done with a certain kind of authority. Duncan's just great. I wish there [were] five more of him out there."

And, for those who may be digging B.P.R.D. just as much or even more than the flagship title as much for the different look Baker Street muse Guy Davis gives the Hellboy universe -- yes there are some of you out there -- you'll be happy to know Mignola is happy with that spinoff too. "Well, on BPRD, Guy Davis doesn't draw anything like me, but was the perfect choice because he's just such a great creature guy. I've always loved Guy's work. And with BPRD I didn't need somebody who drew like me, because that book was going to stand on its own."

BTW, just for grins (because I stumbled on it whilst doing research), enjoy this teaser poster from del Toro's site for next year's Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, part of the free swag passed out at last week's Comic-Con.

Hellboy 2 movie poster image