Top Shelf Marketing Coordinator Leigh Walton reads the recent Rolling Stone interview with Lil Wayne, and gleans three facts that lead him to some interesting conclusions:

1. Lil Wayne is always stoned.
2. Lil Wayne releases tons of music for free over the internet.
3. Lil Wayne goes to a recording studio every day.

Now, I don't know what to make of the first one (as I understand it from the article, he literally chain-smokes weed. His assistants roll blunts and put them in packs which he carries on him at all times. Like Lyle and Ray's Perfect Jays.). But #2 and #3 made me think:

Lil Wayne is to music as webcomics are to comics.

Yes, the moment the analogy section on the SATs was preparing you for all these years has arrived. Does this analogy work? Is the improvised style of Lil Wayne's music and its accessibility to fans similar to the immediacy -- and often intimacy -- of daily webcomics?