Within a month of its U.S. debut on February 10, the Wonder Woman MAC Cosmetics collaboration has been a hit amongst comics fans and beauty enthusiasts alike. From the "Amazon-sized" servings of lip gloss and blush within the retro red-and-blue packaging to the limited edition items featuring the stunning Wonder Woman artwork of Mike and Laura Allred, the collection has been selling out quickly and fans have already created a plethora of Wonder Woman-inspired makeup tutorials on YouTube and beauty blogs.

Along with the robust discussion about branding and fashion, there have been some questions about linking the world's most famous superheroine with cosmetics, as fabulous as she certainly is. Truly, Wonder Woman offers a lot of food for thought, and ComicsAlliance absolutely wants to know what you have to say about Wonder Woman and her MAC cosmetics line. But we're also dying to see what you've done with the products, so we're also asking for your Wonder Woman-inspired photos and video, which we'll spotlight here on ComicsAlliance.MAC's Wonder Woman collection -- which includes accessories and apparell as well as cosmetics -- has been acclaimed by comic book fans and creators, but the response from the general beauty-buying public has been phenomenal. In addition to packed preview parties and the breathtakingly gigantic Wonder Woman displays that currently reside in several MAC locations around the country, the collection has also been accompanied by a few interactive components, from the Wonder Woman-themed pop-up store on Spring Street in New York, NY to the Where In The World Is Wonder Woman? Foursquare challenge to win the exclusive Wonder Woman ring by nOir Jewelry.

While rightly praised for its beautiful, high quality products, MAC's Wonder Woman line has also raised questions regarding the implications of associating the most popular female superhero with cosmetics, and the overall marketability of Wonder Woman and other superheroines -- especially with the Wonder Woman TV pilot in the works. For example, with the walls of the Wonder Woman pop-up store in SoHo dedicated to a timeline of Diana's comic book covers throughout the decades, it's rather surprising that DC Comics did not release a branded one-shot to accompany this collection and appeal to potential new readers, of which I can assure you there are many to be found at the MAC counters of America.

In between all the praise and criticism, the popularity of the Wonder Woman MAC collection has certainly struck a note within the comics community, so we'd love to hear what you think about it! What are some of your favorite items from the collection? Have any of you created your own Wonder Woman-inspired looks with these items? Which other comic characters would you like to see have a cosmetics line? What does Wonder Woman mean to you? How does Wonder Woman inspire your style? Post your photos or videos on Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, your blog -- anywhere! -- and send in the links along with your testimonials and we will feature our favorite glamazons on ComicsAlliance.

And have fun with your submissions! I know I did: