One of the most glorious and fascinating things about comic book creation is the fact that no two artists employ quite the same process with quite the same tools. Personal preference rules the entire process, making every piece of artwork's journey unique.

That's why the The Artbox Network's "Work In Progress" blog is so much fun to stare at. Each post animates the layers of work a creator builds upon to complete a finished image.

With art by Oscar Martin, Leinil Francis Yu ("New Avengers"), Pau, Alex Obre, Kevin Nowlan and many others, the blog shows a diverse body of work rendered by many different tools.

The blog is in Spanish, but non-Spanish speakers (or, in this case, readers) don't need to sweat it given the art-centric content. There's also the benefit of discovering new talent on this page. A few of these creators are completely new to me and I'm pretty stoked to see what else they've got going on online.