Norman Percevel Rockwell. Comics. Hard to imagine both sharing a common home.

I don't believe, however, the quintessential American artist would've found any fault with LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel, an exhibit of 126 images from 24 artists on display at the museum that bears his name in Stockbridge, Mass., through next May.

Even better, museum curators have assembled works from an eclectic group of comics masters, both past and present, the likes of Howard Cruse, Steve Ditko, Jessica Abel, Peter Kuper, Sue Coe, Will Eisner, Lauren Weinstein, Harvey Kurtzman, Frank Miller, Terry Moore and Art Spiegelman.

You'll also have a chance to sample the classic work of Lynd Ward, whose wood-cut wordless "novels," no doubt inspired folks like cartoonists like Kuper and Eric Drooker. Enjoy a random sample of works from cartoonists both past and present.

Would Rockwell have embraced modern comics, an inherently American art form? Comics, yes, but not so much superheroes, I think...