X-Men: First Class may not be getting specialized Marvel Universe or Marvel Legends lines from Hasbro in the immediate future, but leave it to the omnipresent Art Asylum to deliver likenesses of the film's cast in the form of Minimates in the coming months. It's not a huge surprise given AA's previous X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine offerings, but collectors will pleased to know they'll be able to pick up mini versions of Azazel, Beast, Emma Frost, Havok, Mystique, Sebastian Shaw and Professor X and Magneto (when they were just Erik and Charles) before long.The new toys seem to synch up with their respective appearances in the First Class trailer that dropped last week, moreso than in the polarizing initial teaser image supplied by 20th Century Fox, which is certainly good news for fans.

At eight characters, the line is already as plentiful as Art Asylum's first two X-movie lines, but it's certainly possible that more characters -- and additional versions of the current characters (a helmeted Erik, for example) -- might come into play later this year if the line does well.

See the new First Class Minimates below:


Sebastian Shaw


Professor X/Charles



Emma Frost


[Via Art Asylum]