Following a few weeks of cryptic image releases, Marvel's finally capped their series of "Second Coming" promos. "One will rise...One will die...One will lead...One will sacrifice..."

The latest in a series of stained-glass bordered teaser images by Daniel Acuña, today's group shot promises that "All Will Unite." When it says "all," it really seems to mean it. Just look at Deadpool standing in the corner ready to spring to action - Dude's not even a mutant!

All splitting of hairs aside, the stylish team seems ready to take on the "Second Coming" event this March - or as ready as any group of mutants can be when it comes to potentially confronting the Phoenix Force again.

Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle will decide how things pan out for Marvel's merry mutans starting next month, but you can scroll through all five of the event's teasers after the jump to help prepare for what's coming...