Remember that amazing X-Men arcade game from back in the early 1990s? The one where you could play with all your friends while chowing down on pizza and soda and all sorts of other arcade goodies? The same game where Wolverine shot lasers out of his claws and Colossus would emit massive energy bursts while grunting like a pornstar/bear hybrid?

As it turns out, that game has more to offer than just glorious childhood memories - it can also impart important financial wisdom. Financial blog Man Vs Debt has conjured up a list of ways that the old X-Men arcade game synchronizes with today's current financial situation. The article compares the unplayable Professor Xavier to the fruitless desire to attain financial independence without working hard towards the goal, while also referring to the hotheaded Logan as "the Dave Ramsey of the X-Men world," which is hilarious in and of itself.

Perhaps my favorite analogue? Referring to the Blob as the daunting student loan. Man Vs Debt explains: "Unfortunately, student loans are the first sizeable debt most of us encounter in our journey. And, ironically, [they] can often feel just like a huge 'blob' hanging over our heads. While they may appear daunting at first, just like The Blob they can be taken down with consistent and repetitive force."

Truly, nothing moves the Blob like a deep, meaningful conversation on the current economic climate.